Samsung Galaxy S hits new speed limits at 1.6GHz

So you think that the Samsung Galaxy S which hit a stunning 1.2GHz in terms of overclocking was impressive – wait until you see the latest attempt that achieves a speed of 1.6GHz! Faster than some netbooks out there in the market, this is clearly pushing the limits of the Hummingbird processor within the smartphone. In benchmark tests, the overclocked handset managed to hit a score of over 3000 on Quadrant. Not only that, when relying on the Neocore application to benchmark graphics, the Galaxy S managed a 78 FPS (Frames per second) count, courtesy to unlocking the frame rate cap. This could very well place the Samsung Galaxy S as the most powerful smartphone to date. One thing’s for sure, you wouldn’t want to place this near your family jewels since it is going to be extremely hot, and kiss goodbye to your battery life.


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