Hackers Take Control Of Over 1 Million Phones In China Via Zombie Virus

Mobile phone viruses have been around for some time now, though they’re not as big an issue when compared to PC viruses. That being said, the issue has become more serious after reports surfaced that a so-called zombie virus has been circulating over in China, disguised as an anti-virus app, infecting more than one million phone mobile users in the country! The hackers have taken advantage of the access to the mobile phones by using them to spread the virus further and also spamming phones with spam links amongst other annoying things, collectively costing the users up to about $300,000 a day in additional charges. Discovering the hackers behind the whole deal is proving to be difficult as the producer of the application where the virus concealed itself, Chendu Qimiao, said that it has nothing to do with the malware and said that it’s difficult for users to distinguish a normal application from an infected one. The company has also said its business has been affected by association with the virus, though that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody.

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