MicroVision SHOWWX+,  a brighter projector for iPhone

Microvision just announced SHOWWX+, a laser micro-projector that (the company claims) is 50% brighter than its predecessor. It works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by projecting a 16:9 image with a size going from 12″ to 100″ says MicroVision. SHOWWX+ also has a super-short throw – so short in fact that you might even be able to use it on the back seat of a plane (really? that’s a narrow space) or during an elevator pitch.

The projector itself is about as big as a smartphone, and the battery life can go from 90-120 minutes, in theory. If it is like the SHOWWX, there should be a VGA adapter for those who want a VGA input (optional). There are also tripods and other accessories.

It looks like the hardest part is figuring out how to use that PowerPoint file on an iOS device… last detail: the projector costs $499 $449 from MicroVision.

MicroVision SHOWWX+,  a brighter projector for iPhone

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