OnLive offers video game streaming to the masses

Hmmm, first we have audio streaming before moving on to video streaming – what’s the next logical step of evolution? Why, video game streaming, of course! OnLive has brought that vision to pass with their own cloud-based rendering of video games – meaning there is no longer the need to own a souped up computer on your side since on paper, even the most weak of netbooks are able to handle graphic-intensive games, doing away with the need for a high-end graphics card. Of course, real world performance would still take some getting used to until OnLive perfects such an idea, and it is always good to have a powerful desktop machine for your gaming needs instead of relying on a cloud service. After all, isn’t gaming on a full fledged desktop a whole lot more enjoyable than on a tiny notebook or netbook? Hopefully the games offered by OnLive will be worth your time, since that is what gamers are looking for – quality. Still, you can give OnLive’s box a go for a Benjamin, where it will ship with an HDMI port, AV port, Ethernet connectivity, a 3.5mm audio jack, an optical port and a controller. Will this catch on? We don’t think so – not in the immediate future anyways.

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