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Marvel's Avengers Game Delayed Until September
Marvel’s Avengers game is one of the most anticipated games of 2020. Initially, it was planned for release in the month of May 2020.However, recently, the official twitter handle for Marvel’s Avenger announced that they will be moving the release date of the game to September 4, 2020.The gameplay for Marvel’s Avengers game looked promising at the time. However, if they want to work on it to ensure the best […]

IS Uses Video Game Mock Up To Recruit Young Fighters
It has been reported that Islamic State jihadists have rolled out a brand new trailer earlier this week that showed off a GTA mock up, and this particular video has the intention of actually recruiting as well as to train children for militant group’s battle, at least according to the Islamic State’s media wing alongside other news publications. IS happens to be an offshoot of Al-Qaeda that has grown powerful […]

What If Happy Gilmore Was Transformed Into A Video Game?
There are many movies these days that arrive with their fair share of video game adaptations, although the trend of a successful video game port is far and few in between. I am rather sure, however, that there has been some pretty enjoyable outings in the past before. Still, no one has tried to make a video game adaptation of Adam Sandler’s golf comedy Happy Gilmore, and just in case […]

Rage Control video game to assist in anger management among children
What do you think about video games – are they capable of turning that cute little child of yours into a rampaging monster many years from now, or could it actually have junior end up as a better person in the long run? The Boston Children’s Hospital did run a study using video games, hoping that the Rage Control game can help kids with their anger management issues. The study […]


SPARX video game treats depression in youngsters
Now this is definitely an idea worth exploring – researchers who hail from the University of Auckland in New Zealand recently published potentially promising results that saw the use of the specially designed SPARX video game to treat depression in teenage kids, where the effectiveness of the video game treatment was said to be as effective as traditional face-to-face counseling. What does SPARX do to be on par with the […]

Video game tunes make their way to classical concert
Attending a classical concert has long been the domain of those who are “more refined” in their very own way, although when it comes to art, it is a highly subjective matter that might result in fistcuffs when one’s interpretation differs from yours, especially when it comes to music. Well, you can say that video games has grown up as it has finally been accepted into the world of grown […]

Videogame cause of murder of great-grandmother by teen
Violence in video games is an extremely sensitive topic – there are those who sit in the middle of it, stating that violence in video games are neutral, it depends on how you handle it, while others claim that in no way will digital violence translate to real world actions, while another group are bent on claiming that it is because of a huge number of violent video games, kids […]

Video game bras show your love for the game
What better way to tell the world you like gaming than to buy merchandise for showing your love for your favorite video games? While these items usually range from shirts, caps, backpacks and badges, a SceeneShoes from Etsy decided to take things further with some custom-made video game undergarments and shoes. After all, nothing screams “big fan” better than custom-made unofficial merchandise (pirated goods on the other hand is another […]

ArmAssist uses video games used to heal stroke victims
While most of us play video games just so we can have fun, in the future some people might get to play video games to get better. Some researchers in Spain have developed a device that is said to help people with neuromuscular disabilities, such as stroke victims, regain function. It is called the ArmAssist, it is made up of a mobile-based device that is connected to the user through […]

Flood in Brisbane destroys retro game console collection
If you’re an avid collector of retro video game consoles you’ll probably feel the pain of this poor guy in Brisbane, Australia. Amidst the recent floods that have been happening in that part of the world, the latest one totally wrecked his lifelong collection of retro gaming controls. PC-Engines, old Segas, Nintendo Game & Watch handhelds, game cartridges – you name it, he probably had it (maybe even more than […]

OnLive offers video game streaming to the masses
Hmmm, first we have audio streaming before moving on to video streaming – what’s the next logical step of evolution? Why, video game streaming, of course! OnLive has brought that vision to pass with their own cloud-based rendering of video games – meaning there is no longer the need to own a souped up computer on your side since on paper, even the most weak of netbooks are able to […]

Sony Patents Degradable Video Game Demos
Sony has patented a new kind of video game demo, though it’s probably not the kind of video game demo that we’d want to get. The patent describes a demo that will have its features eroded over time, which just means that it will become less and less enjoyable to play. A good example would be your weapon being weakened over time, or a racing game losing race tracks once […]

PSP Go and Media Go App Store
The PSP Go was not a big surprise due to the overwhelming amount of leaks that happened over the week end. The Media Go however the big news, it is Sony’s “Itunes” that runs on a PC to sync content with the PSP, Sense Me the equivalent of Genius will display related content that users might like as well. All future PSP apps will be digitaly delivered via the Playstation […]

Logitech Wireless Guitar Controller
Logitech has just announced its latest Wireless Guitar Controller for both PS3 and PS2 platforms, adding to the realism by using authentic materials such as a wood neck and body, a rosewood fingerboard and metal frets. While it won’t increase your high score by leaps and bounds, perhaps making you feel like a bona fide rock star in front of the TV might spur you on to greater heights – […]