Robonaut 2 is ready to ride on final Discovery flight

The space shuttle Discovery is about to leave for its final flight to space and back, so why not throw in an extra crew member that is not composed of sinew and blood, but nuts and bolts instead? We’re looking at the Robonaut 2 which is made out of aluminium as well as nickel-plated carbon fiber. Standing proud at a meter tall, it tips the scales at a rather hefty 136kg – that’s 300lbs for those who aren’t used to the metric system. Meant to go aboard the International Space Station, this $2.5m robot will feature over 40 sensors that can detect its surroundings, while a fifth camera which is located in its mouth can measure infra-red light to help out with depth perception. Boasting 38 computer processors within its stomach area, those offer enough processing muscle to control its highly-dextrous arms and fingers. Godspeed, Robonaut 2.

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