Cubitek unveils Tattoo Beta, Tattoo Pro and Tattoo Fire computer chassis series

If you’re a really huge fan of body modification and have tattoos all over your body, then you might be interested (if you’re a techie as well, of course) what Cubitek has to offer with its latest range of computer chassis known as the Tattoo Beta, Tattoo Pro and Tattoo Fire. Inspired by tattoos worn by Maori warriors, the “tattoo” graphics on these cases add an imaginary 1GHz burst of speed to the processor it houses, similar to how mean looking stickers on the outside of your resident rice rocket lets it gain a psychological speed boost over your street racing opponents. Apart from looking pretty mean on the outside, the Tattoo series PC cases will also offer plenty of build space within, with five 3.5-inch and two 2.5-inch hard drives that can be mounted. Not only that, another five 5.25-inch optical disk drive bays are located on the front panel. Seems like the perfect purchase if the price is right for folks who want to have a chassis that can last for many years. Nice to know this isn’t as permanent as a real tattoo on your skin though, so you can always change one in your living room without going through painful laser removal procedures.

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