Silence is golden, which is why manufacturers of some hardware tout the silence of their devices as part of the deal. Well, Cooler Master, a veteran in churning out PC cases and chassis for the masses, has another tower in the making that will have those who treasure silence lvoe it – the aptly named Silencio 550. Merging style and smoothness, with strength and stealth, Cooler Master’s Silencio 550 has one main strength – the barely detectable murmur at which it runs. This is made possible thanks to silencing foam that insulates the entire machine on both sides, deadening the slight reverberations of the fans and the whirrs and clicks of hard drives (which of course, shouldn’t be a problem if you’re using SSDs inside).

Merge that with a solid-steel unshakable frame, shiftless rubber feet, and a couple of Cooler Master softly-spinning fans, this chassis is more or less inaudible, making it perfect for those who love to work late into the night. Oh yeah, you might want to get a silent keyboard and silent mouse to go along with this for the complete package.

Other hardware specifications on the Silencio 550 would be a backwards-compatible USB 3.0 port, an SD memory card reader, a trio of 5.25”, seven 3.5”, one 2.5” hard drive bays.

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