You know those fancy looking stealth fighters that feature weird angles on their respective frames? The whole idea is to remain undetectable by radar, and a special coat of paint helps as well. It might look as though they cannot even take to the skies, but things work differently when you have a bunch of intelligent engineers at the helm of a special defense project, no? What happens when computer engineers also get inspired by stealth fighters, coming up with chassis designs such as the ROG CG8565 Gaming System?


It will target those who want a ready-made high-end gaming experience, where it is capable of packing quite a punch courtesy of the second generation Intel Core i7 processor with Z68 chipset and Nvidia GeForce GTX 590 GPU. Overclocking will of course be an integral part of the desktop, and you will also get an accompanying one-touch ‘Level Up’ button that is built straight into the chassis for an instant real-time speed boost.

The manufacturer has also thrown in an exclusive Asus DIGI+ VRM technology and innovative thermal management so that the ROG CG8565 will remain cool at all times, even if it is pushed right to the very limit. As for your ears, they will enjoy the Asus Xonar sound card that comes with it.

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