DARwIn-OP might change the world of robotics

The DARwIn-OP that we covered late last month could very well be a game changer, and not only because you can print one out for yourself using a 3D printer, but also because of its new RX-28M Dynamixel servo that is actually an exceptional actuator, playing nice with new non-contact magnetic encoders for feedback which results in a significant boost to its life while increasing the resolution by 4 times (4096 compared to the previous 1024). With the use of metal gears, it will also be more durable and long-lasting. The battery is also pretty long lasting, working up to half an hour while supplying relevant juice to two CPUs and power-hungry servos. Apart from that, it is highly programmable, making this a darling for those who want to start off with their own robot.

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