Google Destroys Chrome Notebook To Prove A Point

One of the benefits that Google is touting with its first Chrome-based notebook computer will be the use of cloud storage, so that you won’t have to keep your documents stored locally on your computer. The benefits of such a setup are obvious as you’ll be able to easily access your documents from various notebooks and not have to worry about data loss. You can check out a clip after the jump that sees Google Chrome designer Glen Murphy’s Chrome notebook tortured and destroyed. Regardless of what happens, he’s able to hop onto a fresh notebook and continue as if nothing happened. If you’ve ever lost your notebook due to theft or an accident, you’ll definitely value the ability to easily retrieve your data with minimal fuss. Those of you who haven’t received a Chrome notebook are probably screaming why Google is destroying them instead of sending them to you. If you want a closer look at it, check out our unboxing pictures.


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