Samsung SHW-A170K - first ever NFC phone in Korea

We know that the two Koreas have been slugging it out quietly for the past few decades, and over the course of this ‘sibling rivalry’, the stock markets have suffered from time to time. Well, the technologically superior south has a new handset for the masses thanks to Samsung in the form of the SHW-A170K, where it will be the first NFC or Near Field Communication phone to be available in that part of the world. The SHW-A170K basically enables users to make basic payments of purchases through the “SHOW Touch” NFC services that are set up in subways, buses, taxis, and convenience stores among others. Do expect the proliferation of NFC payments to happen in the near future. Apart from being a highly mobile wallet, the Samsung SHW-A170K will not come up short when it comes to specifications such as Wi-Fi connectivity, DMB support, a 3-megapixel camera, and a 3.2-inch touchscreen display among others.

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