Rich enough to own a water-based vessel of your own? Then you probably won’t find it too expensive to fork out $450 for the spot HUG, a new GPS satellite based security system for boats. Making its way through the FCC recently, spot HUG will boast features such as unauthorized movement notification, support for other sensors including battery, high water and ignition among others, and Spot messaging via satellites to let you radio for assistance in the event of an emergency – either that or to let your family know you’re doing all right, and far better than being at the office. The Track Progress feature in spot HUG also allows you to save and transmit your location to your contacts in (near) real time for viewing on Google Maps. Of course, that one time fee is topped up with an annual fee of $100 for the basic service, while Track Progress is $50/year. Totally worth it for a boat, we think.


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