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Pogoplug Series 4 launched!
After licensing its software to third-party vendors and launching its own cloud service, Pogoplug is back at building hardware and here comes the Pogoplug Series 4. This latest Pogoplug box keeps the simple concept that made Pogoplug so popular: it’s a smart, self-contained, cloud server to which you attach a storage device. But this time, the storage connectivity gets a performance boost and some convenient options.

Pogoplug offers free cloud storage for mobiles
Pogoplug has made a name for itself when it comes to creating a personal cloud. However, it is now introducing a free cloud service for mobiles devices that isn’t hosted by users. The idea behind it is that mobile devices have a limited space, and while you may want to have constant access to your whole photo/media library, it’s not always possible to store all that content on the phone. […]

Pogoplug Mobile - Extends Storage for iOS and Android Devices
After simplifying multimedia sharing for desktops and laptops, Cloud Engines is introducing Pogoplug Mobile, an incarnation of Pogoplug for smartphone and tablets. Pogoplug Mobile works on the same principle as its older sibbling: it’s basically an easy to use web server to which you attach a USB drive with whatever capacity you want. Once setup, it can serve content over the network via a nice user interface.

Pogoplug becomes pure software, opens DIY floodgates
Pogoplug is often known as the cute “plug” that transforms a USB hard drive into a network attached storage (NAS) with a powerful (yet, super easy to use) web media server. More recently, it has become the force behind a number of  NAS designs as it was directly embedded in the disks themselves. Now, Pogoplug will come as a pure software solution which will transform your computer(s) into the most […]


PogoPlug Video Announced
[CES 2011] Cloud Engines, the company behind PogoPlug, has announced PogoPlug Video, a new version of the PogoPlug software that can stream video to any connected device – without requiring video conversion or uploads. For instance, PogoPlug can stream AVCHD (a standard format used by most camcorders) video to another device without conversion. Note that even YouTube doesn’t support the AVCHD format as an upload today, and that most mobile […]

Buffalo CloudStor: first PogoPlug with internal storage
[CES 2011] Buffalo is the first company to launch a storage device that is powered by PogoPlug, a personal cloud platform that is much easier to use, and has a much better user interface than most consumer network attached storage (NAS) systems. Buffalo CloudStor and Pogoplug let you access and share content (documents, photos, music, videos…) easily – and for free., the website that powers the service, is free […]

New PogoPlug Pro Offers Built-in Wireless Networking
The PogoPlug network drive has been popular since it was released, and now a newer version has been released, dubbed the PogoPlug Pro. Aside from its unique black case, the new version offers built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, and is capable of streaming content to a PS3 or Xbox 360, not to mention other devices. It’s compatible with Macs and PCs, and users will be able to access the content of connected […]

PogoPlug Offers Wi-Fi USB Adapter And Reduces Its Price
Owners or folks who are planning to pick up the PogoPlug are in for a little treat, as the company has announced its Wi-Fi b/g/n USB add-on for PogoPlug, which will utilize the free USB port on the device, giving the device wireless capabilities. Current PogoPlug owners are eligible to get the device for free, while folks who are purchasing their first PogoPlug will be able to get the wireless […]

Pogoplug Aims to Boost Your Productivity
Pogoplug, the personal internet storage sharing appliance, is also used for business purposes by professionals or small businesses who need to upload/download large documents (high-resolution photos, movies…). To help these people, Pogoplug is getting an “upload via email” feature that uploads an attached file via The Pogo environment is also said to be able to have “full compatibility with every standard document format to view it inside the Pogo environment […]

PogoPlug To Get Media Streaming And Data Backup Features
PogoPlug users will want to take note that Cloud Engines, the folks behind the PogoPlug, have released an update that will offer two new features to your PogoPlug, which include the ability to stream rich media content to game consoles, as well as automatically backup content folders. With that, users will be able to stream media directly to any Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, allowing them to watch movies, share […]

Pogoplug 2 announced, looks great
Cloud Engine has shown us the next-generation Pogoplug. The multimedia sharing device uses a new beautiful industrial design that allows it to expand significantly from the first model: it is now possible to connect four USB hard drives to increase the storage capacity to several Terabytes. This great for edgy consumers, but also for independent professionals and small businesses. The software has also been improved too: Pogoplug can now automatically […]

Marvell's Plug Computing expands with no end in sight
A few new Plug Computing applications were just announced and they include: WebTVPlug, Eyecon and TonidoPlug. WebTVPlug connects to WebTView (a video search service) to make WebTView videos accessible to a DLNA/uPNP home device. For example, your PlayStation 3 could access WebTView, even if there’s no WebTView application for PS3. This is pretty cool. Eyecon also relies on DLNA/uPNP to give you access to a virtual library of all the […]

PogoPlug Works With Macs Now
PogoPlug has just revealed that they now support the Journaled HFS+ file system that is commonly used by Mac OS X. Whenever hooked to a user’s network, the device will add network access to USB external drives or memory sticks, where these drives are readily accessible by virtually any Mac or Windows PC. You will need to enter a code, create a user name and password once the device is […]

Pogoplug Offers 64-bit OS Support
The $99.99 Pogoplug is back with a vengeance, where this NAS device will enable the normal computer user to hook up their external storage drive to it, enabling file access from virtually any Internet-connected computer or device such as iPhones and the Sony PSP. Several new features developed to provide the Pogoplug with additional functionality to broaden its nerd appeal include :- Drive app support for 64-bit operating systems (Linux, […]