It goes without saying that special forces people tend to get the latest and greatest toys to “play” around with in their line of work, and some of these are pretty top secret stuff, to. One of the latest gadgets employed would be liquid crystal ballistic sunglasses that are smart enough to change color automatically a whole lot faster compared to traditional “photochromic” offerings, and it can even do so with a single button touch. According to the US Office of Naval Research, it managed to design the new Fast-Tint Protective Eyewear (FTPE) lenses according to the requirements of the famous yet reclusive US Navy SEAL frogman-commandos. Currently, SEALs are issued different-colored interchangeable lenses for varying light conditions, but this might be too cumbersome for dangerous situations such as assaulting buildings where operators will move swiftly from blazing outdoor sunlight to dark or dim interiors. FTPE lenses are here to help, where they are in essence liquid-crystal display screens that can turn amber, blue, grey or clear whenever one applies a small electric charge, taking less than 0.5 seconds to do so.

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