There is quite a number of users on Windows Media Center who use it as a DVR and media server, but one of the major drawbacks would be the Windows Media Center remote control that is clearly lacking in terms of usability. Of course, there is always the option to use a keyboard and mouse, but that wouldn’t look too lovely in your living room that has been tastefully decorated already. After all, isn’t the home supposed to be a getaway from the office? IOGear’s idea of a solution comes in the form of the GKM571R wireless keyboard as depicted above after receiving FCC approval. This rather compact accessory measures a mere 6.3” x 4.1” x 0.9”, although this includes carrying a full QWERTY keyboard, trackball, scroll wheel, and the relevant media center keys. There is also a light sensor that should kick start the backlit keys whenever the lighting levels around you prove insufficient. An attached clear lid prevents keys from being inadvertently pressed when not in use. Out for around $100, there is no release date attached to this puppy just yet.

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