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IOGEAR USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station Makes Its Mark
[CES 2014] I suppose for any self-respecting techie, one can never get enough of USB ports to go around. Having said that, USB 3.0 devices have become extremely common these days, so it is about time you made sure that the rest of your computing setup too, would be able to play nice with this particular USB standard. The IOGEAR USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station will fit the bill perfectly, […]

IOGear KeyShair Delivers Seamless Device Switching
[CES 2014] Just as how the entire consumer electronics ecosystem seem to “speak” to one another these days with seamless ease, so too, will hardware manufacturers think of new ways to make sure that one device can connect to another with the least amount of hassle. Case in point, the $49.95 IOGear KeyShair which will enable seamless switching between desktop and Bluetooth-enabled devices that use a keyboard. This is good […]

IOGear HD Matrix Pro Debuts (Wireless 1080p)
[CES 2014] The folks over at IOGear has just announced the brand new long range wireless 5×2 HD Matrix Pro, where it is also known by its model number GWHDMS52MB which is virtually unpronounceable. It will retail for $699 each, but before you balk at that kind of price point, you might want to check out what the HD Matrix Pro is able to deliver right out of the box. […]

IOGear Bluetooth With NFC Audio Receiver
[CES 2014] IOGear intends to take advantage of the latest wireless capabilities in terms of NFC and Bluetooth by introducing the Bluetooth with NFC Audio Receiver. Also known as the GBNAR3 if model numbers are your cup of tea, the IOGear Bluetooth with NFC Audio Receiver will cost you $49.95 when it is available. This device will be able to wirelessly hook up an Android-powered smartphone or tablet that has […]


IOGEAR Wireless 4-port USB Sharing Station
There are those who advocate a paperless society, and most of them would also be in favor of a wireless universe. After all, don’t you think that all those cables and cords tend to get in the way, and they also seem to have a life of their own, getting all tangled up by themselves even though you leave them alone at home? IOGEAR supports the wireless notion, with their […]

USB Theater Sound Xperience from IOGEAR
IOGEAR has announced that their latest USB Theater Sound Xperience is delivered via their inaugural USB audio adapter that sports DTS Surround Sensation Headphone technology. When hooked up straight to a computer’s USB 2.0 port, this USB Theater Sound Xperience device will help simulate a surround sound experience, regardless of whether it is on a pair of stereo headphones or speakers. Who would have thought that such a small device […]

IOGEAR Bluetooth Mini Keyboard
IOGEAR has introduced their very own $99.95 Bluetooth Mini Keyboard to the masses, pursuing the magic of convergence through connectivity. For those who love more complicated ways of addressing a device, the IOGEAR Multi-Link Bluetooth Mini Keyboard is also known as the GKB601B, where this mobile solution will offer swift toggling and data input for up to half a dozen devices. The wireless keyboard will play nice with PCs, Macs, […]

USB to HD Adapter from IOGEAR
IOGEAR has announced their new USB to HD Adapter (otherwise known as GUC2025H if model numbers are your thing), where it was specially designed to connect additional HD displays to a desktop or laptop over USB 2.0. Of course, we would have liked to see USB 3.0 thrown into the mix to keep up with the times, but since USB 2.0 is on just about every computer, it makes much […]

IOGear GKM571R wireless keyboard receives nod from the FCC
There is quite a number of users on Windows Media Center who use it as a DVR and media server, but one of the major drawbacks would be the Windows Media Center remote control that is clearly lacking in terms of usability. Of course, there is always the option to use a keyboard and mouse, but that wouldn’t look too lovely in your living room that has been tastefully decorated […]

IOGear GKM571R HTPC keyboard
For folks who have a HTPC (Home Theater PC) configuration running in their living rooms, chances are pretty good you have a wireless keyboard of sorts to help you navigate the machine and type in commands of your choice. The rather diminutive IOGear GKM571R comes in a boxy shape, talking wirelessly to your HTPC via the 2.4GHz spectrum and comes complete with auto on/off back-lighting, a decent-sized trackball (so that […]

Iogear computer-to-TV connection kit relies on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless USB connectivity
Iogear has released a spanking new computer-to-TV connection kit that relies on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) wireless USB connectivity, enabling “mirror-mode” computer use, video chatting support as well as presentation of media such as movies and photos up to 720p sans wires to a compatible platform such as a TV, monitor or projector – as long as you remain within a 30 foot radius. The kit goes by the model number GUWAVKIT2, […]

ioGear Wireless HD Kit
[CES 2010] Wireless is the way to go, and ioGear has come up with its Wireless HD Kit. For folks who love model numbers this is the unpronounceable GWAV8141K, where it supposedly makes your home less of a mess – either that or it makes more space for you to store junk if you’re a packrat. This new wireless HD kit enables you to transmit compatible devices like Blu-ray and […]

ioGear Solar Bluetooth hands-free car kit
[CES 2010] ioGear knows that green is in (can’t you tell by their corporate color?), and their Solar Bluetooth hands-free car kit is pretty self-explanatory. It allows you to hook up with any Bluetooth-enabled device, letting you have both hands on the wheel without compromising on passenger safety. Just don’t get into any heated arguments now lest you miss that divider right in front of you! It can support up […]