When you talk about art, most folks would immediately think about musicians, painters and photographers, but what about computer modders? We’re talking about folks who call soldering irons, dremels and paint brushes as part of their toolkit. Lenovo recently approached some of the world’s top PC modders and asked them to transform some Lenovo PCs into something totally different from what you’re used to seeing in the market. These modified computers will be showcased at CES 2011 at Unveiled, Digital Experience and at Lenovo’s booth space at the Aquaknox restaurant at the Venetian Hotel.

An example of the computers that will be on display is pictured above. A robot-inspired mod dubbed the MD-5‖, by Chris Blarsky. It started off as your standard IdeaCentre A700 and is now able to move from room to room and has a battery pack for added mobility. It’s since been blessed with a multi-touch display and is attached to an articulating arm that provides ample range of motion and use. Check out a few more pictures of the computers that will be on show after the jump.

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