You know those notebook locks that ensure your notebook or laptop remains stuck to whatever table you’re seated at in a public place, allowing you to go to the loo knowing that your device will still remain there once you’re back talking to the porcelain throne. There is one question though – how do you protect your expensive mouse from being nicked? After all, there aren’t USB locks in the market just yet, right? NXZT is here to help with the Bunker, allowing you to lock your USB devices there to prevent them from being unplugged. Too bad the design does not make room for those who have flash drives plugged inside, but at least you can always remove those and drop them into your pocket before you leave your spot. The Bunker will cost $25, and it ought to pay itself many times over with each theft prevention moment – intangible benefits, mostly, and didn’t momma always say that prevention is better than cure?

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