OpenPeak tablet

[CES 2011] OpenPeak and Intel were showing a 7” Tablet that uses Moorestown, the next-generation uber-low power Intel Atom processor (CPU). This is relative to Intel’s previous generation of Atom CPUs, of course. The Tablet has a fun design, and did attract its share of curious users on the show floor. It runs on Android 2.2 at the moment, but this could change from now to the official launch, which will happen whenever Intel launches its chip. Intel was demonstrating how it could be shared among several users, with each one having a profile that is completely private. It is capable of displaying 1080p video smoothly, and can be connected to a large TV via a mini HDMI port. There’s also a dual-dock connector that is supposed to add “stability” to the docking system (was that a problem that needed to be solved?). In terms of user interface, the performance was very good. We wonder what the battery life is, and there’s no way to tell without an independent test, so let’s wait and see.

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