Sony Ericsson vs Clearwire

In our weekly installment of ridiculous lawsuits (no it’s not a weekly thing but it sure seems like these things happen often enough) we have Sony Ericsson taking Clearwire to court. It appears that Sony Ericsson is concerned that Clearwire’s logo looks too much like their own. Maybe I can’t see it because I’m familiar with both companies but for Sony Ericsson to bring it up, it feels like a publicity stunt. After so many years in the business, why did they only bring this up now? Is Sony Ericsson grasping at straws to stay in the spotlight? They should focus on making phones that sell instead of petty cases like these. For one – Clearwire doesn’t even manufacture phones so I don’t see how any sort of confusion can happen especially since both companies also use their names along with their logos. Secondly, Sony Ericsson uses multiple variations of their logos – they don’t even use the green one all the time, which means people should have no trouble recognizing their logo in the first place. Have you ever been confused before by the two logos in question?

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