[CES 2011] If you’re an avid cell phone fan, then chances are pretty good you will know about Samsung’s affinity to roll out dual SIM feature phones. While we have written about a quad SIM handset before, here is one OEM from China that intends to make headway in the US market with the triple SIM phone. Of course, we’re pretty sure it isn’t going to catch on anytime soon (why would the average person want to keep track of three different phone numbers on the same device?), but what we found interesting in the dummy model is the word “BRAND” emblazoned right across the top of the display, making sure the company that picks it up will remember to print their brand name there. Both of them sport a 2.2” QVGA display, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, a microSD memory card slot and support for GSM 900/1800 frequencies, making it much more of a “meh” than anything else. Will a triple SIM phone ever interest you, even if it came with a bitten apple logo at the back? Now that’s a scary thought.

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