UN Says Number Of Cell Phones Could Equal Global Population

The UN says that there will be as many cell phones as humans on the earth in the coming 6 months.

Motorola Atrix 3 aka Dinara spotted at the FCC

Last week, we published about the rumored Motorola Dinara, the successor of the Droid Bionic, the first 4G LTE handset from Motorola. A render of the handset, also known as the Atrix 3, was leaked a few days ago and today, it has made an official appearance at the FCC.Codenamed MB886 on the official FCC paperwork, the device features LTE band for AT&T (LTE Band 4 -screen shot of the document […]

Fujitsu E09F is water resistant, does the world

Ever wanted a smartphone or handset which could withstand the rigors of everyday use (and more) while it travels around the world with you? You won’t go wrong with the Fujitsu E09F then – where this handset will arrive in Japan from July 11th onwards. Using au’s GLOBAL PASSPORT international roaming service, you are capable of using your phone just about anywhere – regardless of whether it is via GSM […]

Could cellphones cause cancer?

There has been a debate going on for the longest time already, where certain quarters claim that cellphones (and smartphones, of course) could be involved in the rise of cancer cases, since they might just be as carcinogenic as the pesticide DDT or gasoline engine exhaust – and that is the stand that the World Health Organization panel took after reviewing dozens of published studies.“Limited” scientific evidence points to the […]


Voice-charged phone could be a reality

Solar powered devices are nothing new, and we already have quite a matured market filled with solar chargers to keep in touch with the whole eco-friendly movement. Well, here is something different to tickle your fancy – we are talking about a voice-charged cell phone, thanks to scientists at South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University who managed to figure out how to harness the energy of sound waves in order to power […]

Divide by Enterproid: Separates Personal and Business Data in Your Phone

[DEMO 2011] We all know that the boundary between enterprise and consumer applications is blurring, thanks to the rise of web 2.0 tools that people adopted for personal usage and now, they really want to access these tools  in their professional environment as well. The challenge is to get IT compliance, most of the time companies’ security policies prevent people from accessing the applications they are familiar with. Divide, the […]

Triple SIM whammy at CES

[CES 2011] If you’re an avid cell phone fan, then chances are pretty good you will know about Samsung’s affinity to roll out dual SIM feature phones. While we have written about a quad SIM handset before, here is one OEM from China that intends to make headway in the US market with the triple SIM phone. Of course, we’re pretty sure it isn’t going to catch on anytime soon […]

KDDI Allows You To Zoom Into HD Films On Your Cell Phone

HD content is wonder, but the bad news is that it’s not an easy task to enjoy HD content on your cell phone. That being said, KDDI has developed a technology for mobile devices, helping you enjoy content that was originally intended for viewing on large, high resolution displays. The technology mentioned here can be used to enlarge specific parts of the video that you want to see, while maintaining […]

Dyna-flex Wrist Exerciser Turned Into A Manual Cell Phone Charger

We’ve all see those wrist exercisers before, where we’re required to do the mundane task of giving our wrist some exercise (as if typing Facebook status updates weren’t enough). Someone out there guessed that the Dyna-flex wrist exerciser’s internals spun at a rather high RPM and decided to add a few magnets on the inside and coils on the outside to turn it into a generator. You can check out […]

New Cell Phone Bill Aims to Keep Pesky Local Taxes at Bay

The House Judiciary subcommittee had passed the bi-partisan Cell Tax Fairness Act of 2009, which would keep local and state taxes on mobile phone bills at bay over the next five years. Part of the bill is to prevent local and state government from levying additional or new taxes on a user’s phone bills, though it would not take away local governments’ powers to generate revenue by still upholding any […]

M-Dress could be the phone of the future

Who knows what the cellphones of the future will look like? Well, perhaps the M-Dress could clue you in. This seemingly innocent slinky black cocktail dress will also function as a cellphone, now how about that? Thanks to fashion designer Francesca Rosella to think this up, the M-Dress as it is called will feature unique gesture recognition software to handle phone calls. You can attend to incoming calls simply by […]

Modu Cell Phone Spotted Running Android OS

We’ve seen Modu’s cute little T-Phone before, and now a similar looking device has surfaced with the company’s name stamped on it, though it seems to be powered by Google’s Android, probably Android 1.6 (which is incredibly old). If the reports are accurate, this device will not offer 3G data at all, and will instead rely on Wi-Fi to satisfy your data needs, though it could be due to it […]

KDDI introduces Light Pool fashion cell phone

KDDI has released yet another cell phone which will cater to those who are fashion conscious in Japan – we’re talking about the Light Pool handset that features a minimalist design. Japanese designer called Tsuboi Hironao is the brains behind this, where it will ship with 22 LEDs formed in a triangular shape which will illuminate in order to display different patterns for a total of 100 choices to choose […]

Painting Cell Phone Jammer Offers Your Peace And Quiet

Can’t stand to have your guests’ cell phones ringing in your office meeting room? Well, all you need is to hang up one of these Painting Cell Phone Jammers. Granted it might seem a little drastic, but if you’re the type of person who gets irritated when cell phones ring, this is for you. It works in an 80 meter radius and can jam signals from GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS […]