Nintendo 3DS design

The 3D glasses-free experience might be the selling point of Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS console, but just because it has a fancy display; it doesn’t mean that the rest of the device was ignored. In fact Nintendo has made it more resilient and sturdier than all their previous NDS consoles. According to Yui Ehura from Nintendo’s research and engineering department, significant changes have been made to the DS Lite design this time around. The 3DS is now easier to open than the DS Lite and it doesn’t suffer the problem with cracked hinges, it has 3 layers now which make it easier to grip, preventing you from dropping the 3DS while gaming, and a new glass-fiber resin to reinforce the entire 3DS case. Its internals have also been rearranged so that in the event of a drop, damage to the innards of the device will be minimized. Though obviously, dropping of the device isn’t encouraged – you should be taking care of a device this precious anyway! Well we can’t wait to get our hands on our 3DS, we’ve had enough of being teased by the fantastic Layton trailer. How many of you will be getting this handheld when it launches?

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