Shuttle Discovery launch

Despite being protected from hacking and modifications, the Sony PlayStation 3 is actually capable of doing other things besides playing games and surfing the web – it can even be used for education (depending on how educational you think a space shuttle lift off is). NASA’s latest trip to space will be undertaken by the space shuttle Discovery and today is the day they’ve all been waiting for. At 4.50pm EST today, NASA will be presenting a live broadcast of the space shuttle – from fuelling, all the way to take off. The best part is you don’t have to be standing in the hot sun to watch this live with your own eyes – you can do it from the convenience and comfort of your own home – on the PlayStation 3. The broadcast can be viewed through the PlayStation Home, so all you rocket ship buffs with PS3s you know what you’ll be doing this evening. Of course if you don’t have a PS3 hooked up to a HDTV, no sweat – NASA will be streaming it on their website as well so you can watch it on your computer or laptop.

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