Touchless Gestures user interface[MWC] Back when cell phones were created, I’m pretty nobody ever imagined we’d have touchscreens for displays. Well now it’s the year 2011, technology has really progressed and touchscreens aren’t mythical anymore. What’s the next step then? Touchless controls for your smartphone. At the Mobile World Congress this week, a company named Extreme Reality promised to have handsets with touchless gesture interfaces on phones later this year. If you can imagine using the Kinect, but on a phone instead – you get the idea of how it works. Users can rotate their fists to zoom in or out an image, and other gestures to flip through a photo gallery. Why would we need such technology, you may ask? Well, this method of input means users won’t have to deal with buttons – very practical for controlling a phone while in a car, users won’t have to hunt and peck for the call answer or reject call button – they can just wave their hands to answer or cancel a call instead. A very interesting technology, we’ll be keeping an eye out for. Let’s see what sort of gestures and functions manufacturers will implement in their phones.

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