It is pretty amazing that cooling technology has progressed to such an extent where you can cram in so many more processors while achieving a much better performance than previous generation chipsets, while running as cool as ever – or cooler. MSI’s latest N580GTX HydroGen graphics card carries on with this tradition, where it will come with MSI’s proprietary HydroGen all copper waterblock and NVIDIA Geforce GTX 580’s top of the line graphics core. The former waterblock ensures faster water flow for enhanced GPU cooling, where it can reduce operating temperatures by up to 24°C compared to the reference design. Best of all is, you can expect perfect silence from this puppy, now how about that? If you decide to use the Afterburner overclocking software developed by MSI, the GPU voltage can be tweaked to boost overclocking potential. No word on pricing just yet though, but this is clearly a gaming enthusiast class peripheral.

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