Sony PlayStation 3

Bad news for Sony – after LG managed to win a preliminary injunction against Sony in a legal battle over Blu-ray patent infringement, they won’t be able to import their hugely successful PlayStation 3 console into Europe. For the next 10 days, all new PS3 units that are imported into the continent will be confiscated by the authorities. After LG stepped on Sony’s toes over some phone patents last year, it looks like LG are out for cold blood. It is uncertain how the case will end, but it doesn’t look very pretty. Stocks of PS3 units in Europe are likely to run out after 2-3 weeks, and if that happens, Sony will be taking a huge blow to the sales of their console and European folks will have to turn to the Wii or Xbox 360 if they want a gaming console for the TV. And if the ban on PlayStation 3 consoles in Europe becomes permanent, it looks like the rates for used PS3s on eBay might start to rise. It’s time to start stocking up on any PS3 consoles you can get your hands on!

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