ToothTagIf you’re a fan of organizing everything you own with labels, you’re going to love ToothTag. This new, recently released app for Android basically lets you make use of your phone’s Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi capabilities to let you tag everything around you. It doesn’t make use of your phone’s GPS to save power. You may ask – what’s the point of tagging things around you? Well for starters, it can make life easier for you. Let’s say you have a location tagged with ToothTag, you can set the app to automatically check you into Foursquare when you’ve been in the location for 10 minutes. You can tag where your car is in a parking lot, and then use ToothTag to find it later. ToothTag can even warn you when somebody you’ve tagged enters the same area as you – so you know if you should make a run for the exit if you don’t want to see that person. There’s simply a lot of ways to use ToothTag, and its versatility is what makes the app impressive. If you want to give it a go, just head over to the Android Market to download ToothTag for free. Let us know what you think of the app.

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