Microsoft has just announced that they will be expanding their Bing Tags feature, casting a wider net to capture a broader audience, namely, the public. This feature might still remain pretty much dependent on Facebook, but you are now able to extend tagging to your friends and you across blogs, Twitter profiles, or just about any other website out there, with the results showing up for all and sundry to see. Bing Tags, having rolled out in July last year, allowed one to tag one’s Facebook friends when sharing a search, hoping that they can drop their two cents’ worth or help you in your search.

It seems that this feature has gained enough traction among users for Microsoft to consider broadening its scope by a rather significant amount. Of course, it will require your permission to make your tags visible to the public, and Microsoft mentioned, “Whether it’s your Twitter profile, blog, or that art portfolio you’re proud of – Bing Tags lets you highlight the pages that best represent you.”

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