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Bing Tags Expands Its Horizon To Twitter And Facebook
Microsoft has just announced that they will be expanding their Bing Tags feature, casting a wider net to capture a broader audience, namely, the public. This feature might still remain pretty much dependent on Facebook, but you are now able to extend tagging to your friends and you across blogs, Twitter profiles, or just about any other website out there, with the results showing up for all and sundry to […]

Facebook facial recognition rolls out worldwide
One of the most interesting features of Facebook when it was released has got to be its photo tagging feature. It was one of the features that brought a lot of joy and misery to Facebook users all over the world. Well sometime during last year, Facebook introduced a facial recognition feature that helped you to make sure photo tagging wasn’t going to be a chore by making it automatic.

Facebook announces photo tagging for pages
In an attempt to make Pages more unified with the rest of Facebook, the company has officially announced that starting today they will begin to roll out the feature for users to tag Pages in photographs.Previously, photo tags were limited to just people – friends you knew, family and so on. You couldn’t tag your favorite band or celebrity on Facebook if they were on a Page and you didn’t […]

Facebook now allows shortened name tags
If tagging a friend was too much work in Facebook previously, well – life just got easier. Facebook has rolled out a new feature where users don’t have to use “@” to tag a friend anymore. Just start typing the first few letters of a friend’s name with the first name capitalized and if Facebook recognizes it, a drop down menu will appear. Users will need to type five or […]


Cobra Tag keeps an eye on your valuables
Cobra Electronics Corporation has just announced an ingenious Bluetooth tagging system that will be used to help people keep track of their valuable to help keep them from going missing or being stolen. Called the Cobra Tag, this aptly named tag can be attached to what want to protect and with the use of an app, the tag is then paired to a smartphone. When the tagged item is separated […]

Browse Flickr with your emotions using the Emotiv EPOC
Do you get tired of thinking of tags for your huge collection of photographs that you have uploaded on Flickr? Well if you do, Emotiv has the perfect solution for you. Emotiv’s EPOC brain-reading headset combined with the EmoLens app can detect four separate emotions, and with these emotions the speed of the Flickr slideshow will be affected, and depending on how you feel, the photographs will be tagged accordingly. […]

easy2pick helps you spot your luggage at the airport
Don’t you just hate it when you’re waiting for your luggage at the airport carousel, but everyone seems to have the same bag as you? Well, the folks over at X-treme Geek have developed this nifty little gadget to help you with that problem. Called easy2pick, it is comprised of a tag which you affix to your luggage, and a keychain sensor which you keep with you. When the sensor […]

ToothTag keeps you connected to everything around you
If you’re a fan of organizing everything you own with labels, you’re going to love ToothTag. This new, recently released app for Android basically lets you make use of your phone’s Bluetooth, NFC and WiFi capabilities to let you tag everything around you. It doesn’t make use of your phone’s GPS to save power. You may ask – what’s the point of tagging things around you? Well for starters, it […]

TAG Heuer Meridiist GMT hopes to make you more punctual
The TAG Heuer Meridiist line of cell phones have always been crazy expensive despite not being at the cutting edge of technology, simply because it rides more on the pretigious brand name of a luxury piece of tech instead of a functional one. The TAG Heuer Meridiist GMT follows in its predecessor’s footsteps, where its only new feature would be its ability to keep track of Greenwich Mean Time. This […]

Microsoft Tag now out of beta
Microsoft Tag is actually a mobile application which relies on Microsoft’s own barcode technology (known as High Capacity Color Barcode, or HCCB), where it is now coming out of beta and the reader is available (for free) for the following platforms – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS. It is also available for J2ME handsets if you decide to swing that way. Microsoft Tag is able to […]

Microsoft Tag could be the next CueCat
Rewind your memories and see whether you remember CueCat – a bar code reader that supposedly connects magazine readers with digital material. Never heard of it? That’s OK – Microsoft ought to do a better job promoting its upcoming Microsoft Tag, which could very well be CueCat reincarnated (a cat has nine lives after all, doesn’t it?). Microsoft Tag keeps up with the times, however, by doing away with the […]