VRS-P1 Racing Simulator

Even if you’re a hardcore racing game fanatic, this might be one gaming accessory you might stay away from. The VRS-P1 Prosumer Racing Simulator is a wooden box built to resemble the cockpit of an F1 car – the lack of space to move about, the scarce leg room and overall claustrophobic experience. It would have been a great idea if it wasn’t for the fact that the VRS-P1 resembles a coffin (a coat of paint would do this “mockpit” a lot of good. And the fact that it costs $4,400 and doesn’t come with the required peripherals to make it work, really make it feel like you’re paying for a coffin. All you get is the fiberglass seat and mounting locations for your gaming accessories. If you’re still keen on purchasing the VRS-P1, you can head here for more details.

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