TeleNav Auto 2.0TeleNav has just announced a new version of its automotive navigation platform – TeleNav Auto 2.0, which provides a whole new level of in-vehicle connectivity and tight integration to the phone, cloud and car. TeleNav Auto 2.0 is aimed at providing a connected driving experience by making it easy to send information from phones directly to their cars as well making that information easily available and hands-free, to users who are driving.

TeleNav basically aims to make driving a whole unique experience. Users can easily send their destinations to the car, and then drive there with easy access to their contacts, schedule and locations they have to be on their mobile phone. In the car, TeleNav Auto 2.0 can access the cloud to get information such as latest places to visit, search algorithms, mapping data, real-time traffic, weather, gas prices and other dynamic content. It will also support HTML5 apps which means manufacturers can update their services without having to update the vehicle’s software.

TeleNav will also provide information to the vehicle’s electronic systems to help make intelligent safety and fuel efficiency decisions based on what drivers will most likely encounter i.e. road curvature, grade, bank, speed-limit, exit ramps, road type, and stop signs, which overall improves the driving experience of the TeleNav user.

TeleNav Auto 2.0 is now available worldwide to OEMs and Tier1 suppliers, so lookout for it in cars and navigation devices in the future.

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