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Using your mobile phone for anything while driving could lead to a potential accident. Hence, you should not be distracted while driving on the road.

No matter how many social awareness campaigns follow, there will be some who ignore the advice and keep using their cellphones while driving.

In fact, The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been explaining the dangers of using a mobile phone when driving.

And, we should not be the one explaining you – but you already know that you do take your eyes off the road for a few seconds when you text or call someone.

So, to catch drivers using cellphones New South Wales Transport in Australia came up with an interesting idea. To detect drivers using their mobile phones, secret cameras powered by AI will be set up.

The drivers won’t have a clue about the locations of AI-powered cameras. In addition, they will not be warned when approaching a camera. So, it will be a surprise to them – so that they get to stay alert and avoid using the cellphone next time they drive.

The camera will be capable to detect/run scans for 24 hours a day and also survive any weather conditions. They aim to perform 135 million checks by the year 2023, as reported by ABC News.

Surprisingly, they already did a test run to find 10,000 drivers using their cellphones while driving. Even some of them tried to trick the camera by keeping their cellphones under – but it still detected “distracted driving”.

Although none of the drivers were fined, it was just a test run. And, starting this December, the rollout of the cameras will begin and the drivers will be fined if caught.

What’s your take on this? Do you think that the presence of such an AI-powered camera can help force drivers to focus on driving without using their mobile phones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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