Walk and Text warningAn Android Trojan that has been disguised as a paid app that can be legally purchased from the Android Market and has been making the rounds one filesharing websites. The app has been disguised as Walk and Text (v1.3.7), an app that can be legally purchased from the Android Market. However, if you run the pirated version of the app on your Android phone that happens to be the version with the Trojan, it gives you the appearance of the app being cracked, when in reality it is sending your private data such as your name, IMEI and phone number to an external server. The app then sends a text to everyone in your contact list saying “Hey, just downloaded a pirated app off the Internet, Walk and Text for Android. I’m stupid and cheap, it cost only one buck. Don’t steal like I did!” It then finishes off with a message to you saying “We really hope you learned something from this. Check your phone bill. Oh, and don’t forget to buy the app from the Market.” and links you to the official app on the market. Granted, what the app does is harsh, but do victims deserve such treatment? And when malware is used for a good purpose, does that make it a good thing? Be careful of what you download folks, especially when you use an Android phone.

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