Burglar Blaster

If you need a security system in your home to ward off potential thieves, there are a whole slew of alarm systems available to do the job. But if you’re interested in exacting revenge on such criminals before the police arrive, you have somewhat limited options. One of these solutions is the Burglar Blaster. In case you were wondering, the blaster is called the Burglar Blaster because, well, it blasts burglars. Not with a gun though – you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands. Once it is tripped, the Burglar Blaster emits a loud wail to wake up everyone in the house, and to scare off the burglar. But it doesn’t stop there – the Burglar Blaster starts shooting out pepper spray. The 4oz canister it packs is enough to cover 2,000 square feet with the riot control chemical, and should be enough to cause any thief to drop everything and start crying, unless of course he/she was prepared and wore a gas mask to rob the place. While it may sound effective in theory, having your whole house covered in pepper spray once isn’t going to be a pretty sight and cleaning up doesn’t sound any much more exciting but if you’re interested in having such an alarm system, it’s going to set you back $600 and is available here.

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