The very idea of holding the World Cup in the middle of the desert when the year 2022 rolls around isn’t too smart, but now that that’s done and over with, it is time to take the next 10 years by its horns and start solving whatever questions that crop up – among them, how do players, especially those who are so used to cool European climates, able to acclimatized themselves to the sweltering heat? To turn the whole world’s footballing schedule upside down so that the World Cup can be held during winter sounds nuts as it is unprecedented, so the next best thing (apart from the air conditioned stadiums that they are going to build) would be to send blimps – really, really huge ones, to block the sun. This is made possible thanks to sceintists at Qatar University, as they have come up with solar powered “clouds” which will be made out of carbon and float using helium, and operated remotely.

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