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Electricity that stimulates brain increases learning speed
The next time you are facing crunch time for a particular paper that you need to memorize or learn a particular subject, perhaps strapping yourself down to a watered down electric chair might help. I’m kidding, you should, under no circumstance, attempt to send electricity through your body without proper supervision and approval from medical authorities, despite the latest titbit of news that claims stimulating the brain with electricity is […]

Nissan LEAF batteries power Japanese home for two days
Now here’s a novel idea in case there is a blackout in your area – why not hook up your electric vehicle’s battery to your home grid, so that you are able to microwave that TV dinner when everyone else in the neighborhood will just have to settle for eating cold beans right out of a can? I’m guessing such a solution is reserved for far more dire situations, such […]

Ships to harvest power from waves
Going green often involves the following – driving a hybrid vehicle or an all-electric car, or perhaps being in possession of solar-powered devices around the home as well. Well, how about those who are rich enough to own their private yachts? Perhaps Andre Sharon’s new concept might be utilized, where he intends to outfit ships with a wave-power system that will harvest energy, delivering it back to a power grid […]

Green electricity coming your way?
It is a fact that as the world learns to wean itself off the heavy consumption of oil and petrol, there must be alternative sources of energy to keep the cogs of the economy moving, which is why advancements in the field of solar and other “green” technology has always generated excitement. University of Minnesota engineering researchers in the College of Science and Engineering might be on to something new […]


Bacteria help enlisted to generate electricity
Who would have thought that something like bacteria can also come in to be useful where keeping the earth green is concerned? We are talking about scientists working on harnessing microbes such as bacteria to generate electricity after discovering the method that they used to release tiny electrical charges. The bacteria in question was touted to feature microscopic “wires” that stick through their cell walls, and those could eventually be […]

Toyota and WiTricity to create cars that can charge wirelessly
Toyota and WiTricity have announced that they will be collaborating together to work on a way to practically apply automotive wireless charging systems and to promote its widespread use. WiTricity, a corporation that’s known for its wireless charging technology seems a fitting match for a car company (like many others) that’s been looking to go green. Toyota, the largest car manufacturer in the world has yet to introduce a next […]

Force Lightning your old optical discs to erase data
We know that using Force Lightning as part of the repertoire of Dark Force powers might come across as dominating and beats the crap out of the Light Side (unless you’re Mace Windu or Yoda, of course), causing a whole lot of pain to your target. You saw how Anakin Skywalker grimaced when Count Dooku blasted him with plenty of lightning bolts, not to mention getting the same treatment as […]

Zap your brain with electricity to improve your gaming skills
If you think that your gaming skills has maxed out after getting all the best hardware and peripherals, perhaps there is another way to up the standard through some sort of weird experiment – zapping your brain with electricity so that your brain will be able to operate at a higher level. Known as transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS), it will rely on a simple circuit that is driven by […]

Taser: now in grenade form
The folks over at Taser have come up with a new form of human incapacitation – a 50,000 volt projectile in the form of the Taser Grenade. Such grenades can be used from much further distances than regular Taser guns which have a limited range due to the wires that send the current into the victim. But these new Taser Grenades don’t have that limitation, and can be shot from […]

Cincinnati Zoo uses solar panels to go greener
In an attempt to go even greener, the Cincinnati Zoo has recently installed a large array of solar panels to feed electricity to the zoo. The installation consists of over 6,400 solar panels over the zoo’s carpark, covering 800/1,000 parking spots and sits 15 to 18 feet high. Touted as the country’s largest and most publicly accessible solar-power system, it was also designed to increase awareness towards solar energy for […]

Artificial leaves can power homes in the future
Whenever you hear about artificial plants, the first thing that pops into mind would be those fake plastic flowers that you display indoors and away from sunlight. In the future, that might not be the case anymore. Some experts at the American Chemical Society recently presented the world’s first functional, efficient, artificial leaf. Created by silicon, electronics, and catalysts, it is thinner than a poker card. But instead of using […]

Electricity out of water gets more efficient process
Science had always drawn inspiration from nature, otherwise, how do you explain submarines, planes and even the spectacles that you put on? There is still a wealth of knowledge out there to be tapped, and an MIT researcher has managed to create electricity out of water in a more efficient manner compared to conventional solar cells, and that also to the point where one and a half bottles of wastewater […]

Crazy device forces your kids to smile
Ever had problems with getting your kid to smile when visiting your relatives or out in public? Well it looks like the Japanese won’t be having such problems in the future. An inventor has come up with a device called the Electro Smile, and boy is it shocking. The device works by hooking onto your child’s face like a pair of sunglasses hanging downwards, and fits snuggly under the chin. […]

A lamp that doesn’t run on electricity
In case you didn’t already know, going green is the way to go and it never gets old. So whenever we hear about a new device or technology that actually helps with the environment, we’ll be glad to cover it. However, even if a device does help make the world a better place, it should be somewhat useful, and unfortunately, the Pure Sun is not one of them. Designed by […]