The next time you are facing crunch time for a particular paper that you need to memorize or learn a particular subject, perhaps strapping yourself down to a watered down electric chair might help. I’m kidding, you should, under no circumstance, attempt to send electricity through your body without proper supervision and approval from medical authorities, despite the latest titbit of news that claims stimulating the brain with electricity is capable of aiding learning speed.

It will require the application of a very small current to specific parts of the brain in order to increase its activity, hence making the entire learning process a whole lot easier. This was performed by researchers from the University of Oxford as they studied the changing structure of the brain in stroke patients and in healthy adults. The brain, being an extremely flexible organ, is able to restructure itself, growing new connections and reassigning tasks to different areas, as it basically “heals” itself whenever damage occurs or a specific task is practiced.

This is one non-invasive technique that I don’t mind experiencing if I would end up with a better brain – but hopefully not with a huge forehead like the Leader in Incredible Hulk comics!

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