intendiXAt CeBIT 2011 this week, Guger Technologies showed off their indendiX brain speller machine – an electroencephalography (EEG) device that lets users type with their minds. Using an electrode cap that detects brain waves from the user’s head and an amplifier that amplifies the waves to the machine, the intendiX can determine which characters a user wants to type based on what they are focusing on. It was touted to be have a word output of 5-10 characters per minute after training, but from the video demonstration shot by IDG, the first time user took 5 minutes to type out only 3 letters. While it isn’t the fastest way of typing, it does give disabled or paralyzed people the ability to type. And we’re pretty sure after a few more years of development it will be improved by miles. Hit the break to watch a video demonstration of the intendiX:

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