Bikes are a green form of transportation, right? Well this Toyota Prius Project’s concept bike from Deeplocal is just that, except with a twist. How would you feel if you could not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also ride a bike that shifts gears using your mind? It looks like Toyota is exploring that possibility.

For starters, the Parlee PXP aero road bike has its seat post fitted with a wireless transmitter that would allow users to remotely shift the gears of the bike with their smartphone. We’re thinking this can’t be more convenient than shifting gears yourself via the handlebars, but to be able to do this remotely is something new. Next up, Deeplocal’s designers decided to add a set of neuron transmitters to a helmet and reprogrammed the PXP to communicate with them, which essentially means that in theory, you could be shifting gears on your bicycle just by thinking about it.

Once again we don’t really see the practical use of shifting gears with your mind, since we’re guessing there are probably more pressing things at hand to focus on, i.e. traffic. However the concept is still a pretty cool one, perhaps they will find more practical use for “mind controlling” devices, but until then it looks like this mind controlled bike will have to suffice. You can check out more details and photos of the project here.

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