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Emotiv Insight: Neuroheadset and Motion Sensor In One Package
Emotiv, the company that has pioneered Electroencephalography (EEG) for the consumer market is working on a new product with more sensors. If you are not familiar with EEG, it is the recording of the brain’s electrical activity via sensors on the scalp.The technology was initially used to study sleep disorders or diagnose coma conditions. However, the technology can also be applied to basic game controls, and that’s how it initially […]

IBM predicts mind controlled computers and smartphones in 5 years
With the deployment of Siri on Apple’s iPhone 4S, not to mention the steady improvement of voice recognition technology, it would appear as though one of the ways that we could be controlling our smartphones and gadgets in the future would be accomplished through our voice. IBM on the other hand seems to think that technology would have advanced way ahead and that in five years time, we could be […]

Hackers find a way to control Siri using brainwaves
Siri uses your voice to perform its tasks, but what about taking it to the next level by using your mind to control Siri? If you think that’s some sort of science fiction movie in the making, think again as some hackers have managed to find a way to get Siri to working simply by thinking out their commands.

Future prosthetics could be mind-controlled
Using your brains to control a particular toy is nothing new with Mattel’s offerings in the past, where the goal of the game is to concentrate hard enough and move the ball to your opponent’s area – with your counterpart attempting to do the same as well. Well, it seems that a new brain-computer interface that currently enables people to precisely control a virtual helicopter’s movements with their mind sans […]


Scalextric offers mind-controlled slot car racing
Mind control – I don’t suppose governments (and a handful of parents) would mind getting hold of such technology if it were possible. Well, if you cannot use your mind to control another human being, there is a twist to it – why not harness the power of your mind to control a slot car race instead? That is exactly what a team of developers over at B-Reel have done, […]

Shift Gears With Your Mind With Toyota Prius Project's Concept Bike
Bikes are a green form of transportation, right? Well this Toyota Prius Project’s concept bike from Deeplocal is just that, except with a twist. How would you feel if you could not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also ride a bike that shifts gears using your mind? It looks like Toyota is exploring that possibility.

Browse Flickr with your emotions using the Emotiv EPOC
Do you get tired of thinking of tags for your huge collection of photographs that you have uploaded on Flickr? Well if you do, Emotiv has the perfect solution for you. Emotiv’s EPOC brain-reading headset combined with the EmoLens app can detect four separate emotions, and with these emotions the speed of the Flickr slideshow will be affected, and depending on how you feel, the photographs will be tagged accordingly. […]

intendiX: a brain controlled laptop that lets you type with your mind
At CeBIT 2011 this week, Guger Technologies showed off their indendiX brain speller machine – an electroencephalography (EEG) device that lets users type with their minds. Using an electrode cap that detects brain waves from the user’s head and an amplifier that amplifies the waves to the machine, the intendiX can determine which characters a user wants to type based on what they are focusing on. It was touted to […]

Researchers use LCD projectors for mind control?
The smart folks over at the Georgia Institute of Technology have managed to use inexpensive components from ordinary liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors to control both the brains and muscles of tiny organisms such as worms. While previous research was limited to larger animals and was achieved by placing optical fibers into the brains of animals or illuminating the animal’s entire body, this new experiment demonstrates that it’s possible to […]

Human puppets in the flesh
Mind control – this is what many people would fantasize of, and for good reason. After all, once you are able to achieve control of someone else’s mind, you can have others do your bidding unwillingly (or otherwise), letting them take the fall if anything untoward happens. We sure as heck hope that there won’t be anyone out there who would have mutated and achieved such an ability, and neither […]

Mind-controlled exoskeleton could be the future
Never underestimate the power of the mind, and in what could very well be a prelude to the Shi’iar exoskeleton that Professor X wore when he and the X-Men stormed Avalon all those years ago to confront Magneto right before the latter ripped out Wolverine’s adamantium, we now have an exoskeleton from Raytheon that is powered by your thoughts. Yes sir, boffins over at the University of Chicago were experimenting […]

Swiss Researchers Showcase A Brain-controlled Wheelchair
The smart researchers over at the EPFL in Switzerland have come up with a cool brain-controlled wheelchair. This wheelchair will rely on EEG readings to detect specific brain patterns and when combined with artificial intelligence will allow for shared control of the wheelchair. The artificial intelligence will get input from a pair of cameras and some image processing software which is capable of differentiating between different types of objects, helping […]

Ultrasound: The Mastermind of Mind Control for U.S. Military
The U.S. military wants to tap into its troops’ brains to raise alertness, reduce pain, and improve psychiatric well-being. Sounds like mind control? It is. DARPA, the Department of Defense’s research wing, has commissioned Arizona State University neuroscientist William Tyler to work on that project and further the Pentagon’s works in using the mind to prevent injuries, assess injuries, and reduce vulnerability to stress.Much of Tyler’s research involves areas of […]

XWave Mind Control Accessory For iOS Devices
Mind control is always a useful gimmick to get attention from potential customers, and now PLX Devices has come up with a mind control interface for games on the iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, dubbed the XWave. The XWave is a headset that plugs into the headphone port on top of the device and will communicate with a free app that includes games to train the user to use their mind to control […]