Mind control – I don’t suppose governments (and a handful of parents) would mind getting hold of such technology if it were possible. Well, if you cannot use your mind to control another human being, there is a twist to it – why not harness the power of your mind to control a slot car race instead? That is exactly what a team of developers over at B-Reel have done, where this production company created a set-up for a Scalextric slot car racing set that uses nothing but your mind to power it.

This is not the first time we have seen mind-controlled devices before, but to see one’s adult brain being connected to an almost forgotten part of our physical childhood toys do roll back the years – stop that tear from coming out now! This particular project was made possible thanks to a hack of a Neurosky Mindwave headset, which has been redirected to work with an Arduino unit as well as a processing script. All of those are then connected to the slot car track to replace traditional controllers.

If you want the car to get moving, just concentrate and it will nudge its way forward. Lose your concentration and it comes to a stop. Isn’t this the greenest way to get vehicles of the future moving?

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