Portable Finger Hand Held 4D USB Mini MouseIf you like using your laptop in cramped places like on a plane or in a train, but you’re not a fan of using the touchpad, you’ll have trouble looking for a spot to rest your mouse on. Well the folks over at Light in the box have released a mouse just for that purpose. Called the Portable Finger Hand Held 4D USB Mini Mouse With Trackball, this mouse allows you to conveniently navigate the cursor with the use of excessive hand movements. Simply roll the trackball to move the cursor, and left click with the trigger button. The top two buttons function as scroll (left) and right click (right). It is also suitable for people who have trouble moving the mouse or a regular trackball. The Mini Mouse looks very suitable for situations where you would like to lean back in a seat while reading a book on your laptop/PC and not have to reach your hand out in order to turn the pages or for surfing while lying on a bed. It is a plug and play device and should work on all computers without a hitch. It is on sale for $16.99 and can be purchased here.

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