Wearable e-textiles seem to be gaining traction these days in a variety of application, so it is no surprise to see the aptly named PreVue pregnancy screen more than ready to test a potentially receptive market. This abdomen attachment is worn so that expecting parents are able to check out their child’s growth and development with each passing day. The brainchild of Melody Shiue, the whole idea of the PreVue is to introduce pre-birth bonding thanks to “fetal visualization”, making it easier as well for the post-birth health of both the mother and child. Perhaps this will help ease the number of post-partum depression among mothers, as parents will be able to connect with their kid before he/she arrives kicking and crying to the world. Conceptually, it is great on paper, but practically speaking, will we see similar real life examples if it ever rolls off the production line? One thing’s for sure, something like this won’t come cheap.

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