Dum da da dum! As if there were enough video streaming services already, Sony’s Crackle video entertainment network is making the jump to the PlayStation 3. Free video always comes with a price and in this case as with most free digital goods, ads. Crackle is offering free streaming movies, TV and original content on the PlayStation 3 in addition to Sony Blu-ray players, Sony BRAVIA HDTVs with streaming Wi-Fi, Roku boxes that do streaming video and several other Sony devices including its recent Google TV box. According to Gamespot, the video is streamed through the PS3’s web browser and video is likely to not be in HD. If you’re in the market for legal free legal video content, ads and sub-high definition video isn’t really something you can gripe about is it? Crackle’s updated service further solidifies the PS3 as an excellent media hub for the living room. I love my Xbox 360, but it can’t do half the things a PS3 can do, and with new features constantly adding to the system’s value, I’m still wondering why I haven’t picked up a PS3 Slim yet.

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