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As Toshiba prepares its tablet launch, Rob Wilkinson, who leads Toshiba Australia, has declared that the Toshiba tablet is technologically superior to the iPad 2, and that Toshiba can also compete on pricing when it launches in May [via smarthouse]. Pricing of high-end Android tablet had often been pointed as one of the things that keep customers away. At the very least, it’s safe to say that it does not help, but we think that user experience is still the main point of contention here.

Toshiba also thinks that Tablets should be sold via the traditional PC channel (where Toshiba is strong and connected), and not by wireless carriers. The reality is that carriers have a vested interest in having more users and any 3G/4G version will use their networks, so it seems that whether Toshiba likes it or not, they should work with carriers.

It’s true that the Toshiba tablet does have features that iPad 2 does not have: a higher-resolution display, more I/O ports, including a USB port, expandable memory etc… check our Toshiba tablet overview at CES. Update: you may want to read our iPad 2 Review.

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