Twist & Brush

Do you ever have a problem with your children squeezing an excessive amount of toothpaste onto their toothbrushes and wasting it all on a single brush? Well, this Twist & Brush concept toothbrush was designed just to combat the problem. It is basically a toothbrush with a container for a handle that you load up with tooth paste. Instead of letting your kids squeeze tooth paste onto the bristles, all they have to do is give the handle a little twist, and the correct amount of toothpaste will be squirted directly onto the brush itself. Hassle free and easy to use, and kids would probably find it more interesting to use than a regular tube of toothpaste. Once the container of paste is finished, you can easily refill it with more toothpaste, making the brush useful again. Unfortunately it’s just a concept at the moment, but hopefully we’ll see it made into a commercial product sold on the shelves.

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