While car manufacturers have been looking for ways to make their cars less harmful to the environment, they’ve either gone with the either the hybrid/full-electric route or they’ve made their cars more fuel efficient. WIKISPEED is one such company going for the latter. Their Alibre-designed SGT01 has been touted to be able to deliver more than 100 miles per gallon – talk about fuel efficient!

The WIKISPEED SGT01 is an ultra-light, four-passenger car that shares the same approach to fuel efficiency, modular engineering and composite carbon fiber exterior construction with Boeing’s next-generation aircraft, the 787 Dreamliner. In addition to being a fuel saver, the car has a 5-star equivalent crash safety in simulation, powerful acceleration and top speed, and best of all – it will be affordable when it goes on sale.

The SGT01 runs on regular gasoline, meets all road-safety regulations, and has a unique modular design that will let owners customize the car to their heart’s content. Want an electric engine instead of a regular gas guzzler? Just swap it out. Want to switch from a coupe to a pick-up/SUV or even a convertible? No problem, just replace the necessary parts.

No word on pricing or when the car will go on sale, but WIKISPEED will be demonstrating the SGT01 at the Earth Day celebration at the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour on April 22 this year.

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