Subwoofers vs phonebook

If you thought car subwoofers were harmless, think again. Remember the 26,000 watt speaker system we wrote about previously? Well, Steve Meade recently uploaded a video, showing off the car’s audio system. He goes into more detail in the video, describing the 4 subwoofers in the car and how he keeps them powered. His trick? Extra batteries and 3 alternators to make sure they stay charged and running. But that’s not the most interesting part. At the back of his car, there is a huge port for air and sound to exit from the enclosure. He shoved a phonebook into the hole and cranked up the volume to max and recorded a video of what happened. As you can tell from the title of the post, things didn’t end so well for the phone book. Hit the break to catch the video (the fun begins after 2:45):


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